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We met Aimee through social media and we are so glad we did! We have worked with her on sponsored posts. She is so professional and also down to earth. We actually got to meet at the BlogPaws Conference last year and it was like we were lifelong friends! That’s just how she makes you feel. She is always willing to help with anything including our blog, pet advice, or just to put a smile on our face. We honestly love her! We have worked with many different brands and no one comes close to Aimee’s passion and hard work in the pet community.


Yeezy + Penny

Purrfessional Spokecats at Catnip Connoisseurs

Aimee is our favorite!

I met Aimee Jurenka in my capacity as a dog nutrition blogger who writes about raw feeding. In my time working with Aimee, I have grown to appreciate her wealth of knowledge about search engine optimization, social media optimization, and social media marketing. Aimee has a clear understanding of keyword research and leveraging the best keywords to increase the ranking of a business’ website. In a highly competitive industry, Aimee is a valuable resource and a professional colleague that I’m thankful to have met.

Kimberly Gauthier

Dog Nutrition Blogger and Author Keep the Tail Wagging®

Aimee is a valuable resource and a professional colleague…