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I love Aimee! Aimee has been my blogger advocate for the last year. She has been a great asset in my campaigns and even provides me with some great ideas for blog posts. Super smart, witty and attentive, that’s Aimee. If you are looking for a brand advocate who enjoys what she does, give Aimee a shout

Tonya Wilhelm

Dog and Cat Behavior Specialist, National Speaker, Freelance Writer, Author, Influencer

I love Aimee!

I met Aimee Jurenka in my capacity as a dog nutrition blogger who writes about raw feeding. In my time working with Aimee, I have grown to appreciate her wealth of knowledge about search engine optimization, social media optimization, and social media marketing. Aimee has a clear understanding of keyword research and leveraging the best keywords to increase the ranking of a business’ website. In a highly competitive industry, Aimee is a valuable resource and a professional colleague that I’m thankful to have met.

Kimberly Gauthier

Dog Nutrition Blogger and Author Keep the Tail Wagging®

Aimee is a valuable resource and a professional colleague…