What I Do

I offer SEO website audits and fixes that companies and bloggers can action that will result in a solid foundation for future growth with the ability to standardize reporting.


I SEO from a core belief that your search engine’s intent should be the starting point for everything you do.  So, getting to know what Google was created for, what its purpose is, and what it values is the key to successful SEO. The more I learn about what they (Google) want to achieve the better I can create things they will value.

Luckily Google’s intent is to deliver the best answer to your customer’s questions so SEO is a win-win for any company. Your customer gets valuable information and you get organic traffic to your site.


  1. First, make your site functional for producing Google-friendly content.
  2. Second, make yourself a journalist for Google’s questions.
  3. Third, organize your content in a way Google understands.
  4. Fourth, promote the crud out of your content.

This is a gross oversimplification due to each step containing several sub-steps that are going to be unique to each and every site but you get my idea.

Tech SEO

Websites that have stable backend tech to communicate efficiently with search engines. This will make your site available to be seen easily and efficiently with minimal updates.

“Don’t confuse #Google unnecessarily.” sums up most of SEO, right? :-)- Jon Mu

On-page SEO

Content that truly follows Google’s intent to be the largest source of useful information available. Every algorithm change they create is to stop unintended behaviors people are using it for. If you are creating things within their intent logic says all your posts will be rewarded, not penalized, by future changes.

Off-page SEO

Be active in your online community. Find where your people hang out on the interwebs and start contributing to the conversation. Becoming an authentic member of your community turns your blog post updates from spam to valued content shares.

Learn it, Know it, Live it – Fast Times At Ridgemont High