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Social SEO

SEO & Social Media

Some SEOs don’t utilize social media, and some do. I am of the latter. It is my belief that social media is our current equivalent of television channels, newspapers, and print magazines all wrapped into one. And with that come their version of commercials – posts about my content, products, & events. Or in other words, Social Media & SEO go together like peas & carrots. Here are my reasons & methods.

SEO Content Amplification

Simply, you can build the best post in the world but if nobody knows about it nobody reads it. If nobody reads it your page views drop & Google devalues that page. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between social engagement and SERP results. Correlation is not causation but, if the goal is to create content that will rank with Google, & Google ranks the content that best answers the searchers’ query, & your piece is shared across social that means you have succeeded.

Google Awareness Through Social Media

Even though social engagement is not a Google ranking factor, every interaction is a vote, to Google, for your content as useful information to a question that exists. Look at the engagement levels of your social posts about a particular piece of content as a thermometer for the quality.

How Brand Effects SEO

If your brand is strong you will receive more backlinks to your homepage. That will drive your Domain Authority (DA) up. DA is a major ranking factor so if your DA is higher than others your content will be ranked better. Now, this is only one f many ranking factors so do not neglect the quality of your work just because your DA has raised above your competitors.

Link Networking

Social media is first and foremost supposed to be social. As I mentioned in my SEO community building is key. After you achieve in building your link network they will want to know about your current projects and support you just as you support them.

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